Urban Tac

Architecture, Urban Planning

“La cosa peggiore che può capitare ad un luogo è di essere un brutto luogo, e l’unica cura possibile è di amarlo più degli altri”.

“The worst thing that can happen to a site is to be a bad place, and the only cure is to love it more than the others.”

Urban Tac-upgrading strategies for suburbs city of Niscemi  starts from a study on urbane expansion dynamics of the city of Niscemi, which become an examplified case of a large and generic theme related to the problem of the development of urban city limits which started at the end of the twentieth century. Strategies have been proposed (short and long term) which have the objective of restructuring said areas through upgrades aimed at increasing the welfare of the citizens. The project will be developed with the constant contact between city interfaces and human organism who, through the overlapping of terminologies and medical practices in the urban field, want to demonstrate how the cities, as well as people, in the course of own  lives, can  degenerate. The goal of the project organizer is basically the same of that of a doctor: research, diagnose, and try to resolve the problem. The project will be realized first by the urban blueprinting of the areas in question, then by the renovation of the Sperlinga suburb, to give the necessary services,  public spaces, and green areas to this part of the city.