Design- Object Design

Kairos is a dual mode lamp: turn it with the hand to move from a strong and diffuse light to a feeble magic lighting.
How many of us have dreamed to control the time? Kairos is the first lamp that measures "your" time. Rotate it and passes from the "awake mode" to the "asleep mode": changing the light will change the space! Kairos is an ancient Greek word that meaning "right moment"; in fact, the Greeks used the word "Chronos" to chronological time, while "Kairos" for an indefinite time when something happens. The lamp Kairos aims to make possible your "right moment."
The clear and diffused light, thanks to a semi-opaque shield system, allow you to perform all the evening activities that require a lot of visibility (reading, studying, cooking etc ..) while the nightly system, thanks to the Infinity Mirrow Technology, not only make the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere but also gives the lamp a magical aspect.
The Kairos design is inspired by the idea of time and the hourglass, but under a new contemporary eye; the shape and even the study of solids and voids, is designed to make the most of the consumer experience through a a lightweight lamp but durable and intuitive to use. The materials and assembly are designed to make it economic and accessible, even with the style of the great designer lamps.