J-Hero Collection

Illustration, Merchandising

Be Heroes. This slogan appeared at the Juventus Stadium during the match between Juventus FC and Bayer Munchen. The Juventus fans wanted to encourage their team to give their all against the german giant, the favorite for the final victory. The battle was epic, but in the end we lost.
What does it really mean to “be heroes”? To be the strongest of them all? Win always and at any cost? No. Be a hero means to challenge their own limits. Fall and rise again stronger than before. Don’t stop believing in their dreams. Be heroes has to look straight into the eyes of defeat and never give up. It’s to make possible what that you believed impossible. It’s recover a title that seemed to be lost. And win five championships in a row. The J-Hero series is inspired by that idea of a hero and the phrase in question, and was developed making a series of illustrations in comic style, where the protagonists of the amazing season for Juventus step into the shoes of superheroes.
The subjects are inspired by the nicknames of the players and the physical features and game. The concept is to create a whole range of products for the Juventus brand intended not only to children but also to adults fans of the comics genre.