About me

"One day we’ll realize that we need artists and designers equally to plants and trees, because we can’t do without who produces beauty in the same way those who produce oxygen."

Alessandro Federico was born on 26 December 1988. He is an italian architect, artist, cartoonist and graphic designer. Since childhood he demonstrated a natural gift to the freehand drawing and thanks to his wild imagination he created a lot of stories and characters. At the age of eighteen, he participated in his first national competition called Oscar della vignetta 2007 promoted by Spotornocomics with his work Area Verde, and won the second prize. In 2012, he transitioned to digital drawing as well as shifting his increasing interest towards socio-political themes, leading him to make the blog of cartoons titled La Vignetta di Alessandro Federico. In 2013, Alessandro won more national awards of cartoons: he ranked first on both “Le api per un agricoltura durevole” by Unaapi and “Vignette...per un sorriso senza grane” by AIC Lazio. In January 2014 he graduated with honors from the architecture university of Siracusa with a thesis on the development of urban suburbs entitled Urban Tac. In 2015 he worked with G124 Group by Renzo Piano in a recovery project in Librino for the suburbs of Catania. He is currently working in different fields (architectural and urban, object design, logodesign and corporate identity, graphics, illustrations and advertising) collaborating with several companies, associations and individuals.